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Not only is there a lot to do when organising a party, there is also the added pressure to get it right. You want you guests to have the best time possible and remember the day and/or night for all the right reasons. Harts provide the best event marquee hire and an extremely comprehensive range of event equipment hire for Melbourne party planners. This will certainly take most of the heat off, but for those lingering concerns, Harts can offer a few suggestions that will help your party be what you want it to be.

Spread the word

Getting people to the party is the first step. Send out some well-designed invitations with all the essential information. Include location, date, time, attire and any other vital details. The good news is that if you organise event marquee hire there is no need to worry about bad weather and alternate plans. A gentle reminder a few days out from the party is always worthwhile too.

Set the tone

This is more than just decoration and lighting. If you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, your guests will find it much easier to do the same. If you’ve done all the hard work and had help from Melbourne party hire experts, such as Harts Premier Hire, then it’s time for you to let your hair down and make the most out of your own event.

Entertainment for the kids

It’s great to be inclusive of kids when it comes to parties, but it will take a little extra planning. Have a designated playing area and provide some games or equipment, so they can run about while the parents relax and enjoy themselves.

Beat the heat

Melbourne is known for turning up the mercury during our long summers. Event marquee hire will provide the necessary shade, but you might also want to consider some strategically placed fans inside. These can be found in our extensive product list for event equipment hire in Melbourne. Cold drinks also help and handheld oriental style fans are a nice, practical touch.

Don’t leave guests in the dark

We mean this literally. If you are hosting into the night, provide some lighting for your guests. It’s always nice to be able to see what you’re eating, who you are talking to and where you are going. Harts have a great selection of party lights for hire, that look as good as they are useful.

Organising a party needn’t be stressful. With a bit of planning and some assistance from Harts, the specialists in cheap party hire in Melbourne, your day is sure to be a great success.


Most of us get married, so there are many almost universal elements to wedding ceremonies. The white dress, the wedding party, the cake… The list goes on. A wedding though, is also a deeply personal moment between two people and within the more universal wedding day traditions and customs it is great to incorporate something that is unique and memorable to your celebration. Harts Premier Hire in Melbourne is the expert at supplying every aspect of a wedding that is common, or reasonably so, but we can also offer a few ideas for that more personal touch. After many years providing wedding marquee hire in Melbourne and general party hire, we’ve seen and experienced everything a wedding has to offer. Here are a few examples that may provide some inspiration.

Unity symbols
The rings, spoken vows and unity candles at a marquee wedding in Melbourne all act as symbols for the union between two people, but there are many other ways of delivering the same message. Unity glasses of wine or beer, mutual tree planting and knot tying are all creative alternatives.

Animals in the wedding party
There aren’t many venues that are animal friendly, but a marquee wedding in Melbourne allows you to include some non-human guests. Animals are like family to many of us and getting them involved can be a lot of fun. You might want your four legged friends to deliver the wedding rings or accompany you down the aisle.

Weddings are synonymous with photography, but you might want to get a little creative for your marquee wedding in Melbourne. You could line a path to your marquee with string and attach all the photos showing important memories (and embarrassing moments), have polaroid photos taken for instant gratification, or provide a photo booth for extra hilarity (and even more embarrassment).

Traditionally, limos or classic cars provide transport to the wedding venue, followed by a walk down the aisle. There are other modes of transport available though. Why not ride a tandem bike to and from the celebration, take off in a boat (if you are near a body of water) or saddle up a horse for a rustic, rural feel.

Signature song
Couples often think or talk about their special song, but all too often it gets forgotten in wedding plans. If there is one time when it should be aired in public, it is during your marquee wedding in Melbourne.

Your wedding is your special day and adding a personal touch is a great way of expressing that. A great wedding should incorporate the old and the new, the traditional and the unique. After all, it is more important to have a memorable marquee wedding in Melbourne than one that is shackled by convention.

Corporate Marquee

When hosting a corporate event, it is vital that you show your organisation in its best light. Depending on your industry, this may require a professional, formal setting, a relaxed, easy-going environment or something in between. Getting all of the many variables just right before the day can be extremely difficult in traditional venues, but event marquee hire offers flexibility that can’t be found elsewhere. Harts Premier Hire is the Melbourne event hire specialist and can provide a marquee space that will transform your corporate event. The flexibility is apparent in:

If you’re considering tent hire in Melbourne for your event, you should think of a marquee as a blank space from which you can create the exact atmosphere you want. Both our pagoda style and clearspan marquees are elegant in and of themselves and some organisations enjoy this minimal sophistication without the addition of too many features. For others, event marquee hire offers them the chance to let their creativity run wild. The flexibility of a large, temporary space allows party planners to create a theme, unleash their design ideas or add personal and memorable touches to the décor. Whatever the style you are aiming for, event marquee hire gives you the freedom to showcase your organisation.

Few venues can offer variety in the size of their function space, let alone the huge range possible when you opt for event marquee hire. Harts marquees are assembled in attachable units, allowing you to choose a size and layout that perfectly suits the style of your event and the number of guests being invited. You might opt for a huge clearspan marquee to hold hundreds or multiple smaller tents to create a variety of atmospheres. Whether you want to host a small, intimate group or an entire corporation, Harts Melbourne event hire can advise you on how large your event marquee should be in order to comfortably accommodate your guests

Food & Drink
With event marquee hire, the world is your oyster (literally if you want) when it comes to food and beverages. Permanent venues generally have limited and expensive in-house or catered options, but a marquee allows you to customise your menu and save money. You might want a relaxed BBQ, a generous buffet or a formal sit-down menu and only a marquee environment gives you the freedom to select from these options, or any other you may have in mind.

These are just some of the ways your corporate event can benefit from Harts event marquee hire in Melbourne. The flexibility a marquee affords you is incomparable to other venue options and ensures your guests have a great time and you present the corporate image you want. Get in touch with Harts today to discuss your marquee options.

Fastival Hire

Festivals are a great way for a community to get together and socialise, showcase skills and talents or raise money for a good cause. They also take considerable organisation and at Harts event hire in Melbourne, we understand that a little help can go a long way. Whatever the type of festival you are organising, a detailed plan will minimise the risks of anything going wrong on the day. We’ve put a list together of planning aspects that should be on your own list.

Budget & Funding
Consider the size and scale of your festival and compile a detailed budget. If you know roughly how much it will cost, you can begin finding funding more easily.

Entertainment & Speakers
Entertainment is integral to any festival. Think about who your likely demographic is and organise speakers or performers accordingly. Harts are the specialists at festival stage hire in Melbourne, so you can always be sure of this aspect.

The more help you have during the festival the better, so try to find as many willing helpers as possible. Remember to write a roster for your staff and brief them on their individual duties and responsibilities.

In addition to general staff, you will likely need specialist security staff to protect festival-goers and expensive equipment.

Technical Equipment
Speaking of equipment, every festival requires specialist technology of some sort. Music festivals, in particular, require high quality audiovisual gear to keep guests happy. Harts are also renowned for our function equipment hire in Melbourne and can advise you on what will best suit your needs.

Food & Drink
Some festivals are based entirely on food, but most others will likely provide some food and beverage options. You might want stalls, mobile vendors or a huge BBQ. Whatever you decide is best, the Harts festival hire in Melbourne range includes a vast array of appliances and equipment to keep your guests gastronomically satisfied.

In all likelihood, you will need council permits for your event. After many years providing festival hire in Melbourne, Harts have secured thousands of permits and can advise and help you obtain yours.

Transport & Parking
The ease with which people can get to and from your event should be an important consideration. Take into account any potential traffic issues, research public transport and organise alternative transport options and parking spaces.

Don’t forget amenities! A shortage of toilets is never a good look. One toilet for every 60 or so attendees is a good guide for how many you might need for your event.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you develop your plans around these integral components you will be well on your way to organising a great festival. Harts Premier Hire can help with a lot of the things listed above and many more, so get in touch with the experts at festival hire in Melbourne today.


When there is a lot to organise, there is also a lot you can forget or never even consider until it is too late. Weddings certainly fall into this category and while Harts have you covered for all the essentials, such as event marquee hire and wedding furniture chair hire in Melbourne, there are still a lot of miscellaneous aspects to take into account. There are a few tricks, however, that will help you overcome the little obstacles, so they don’t become overwhelming.

Wedding apps

There’s an app for everything these days and wedding planning is no exception. Popular options such as iWedding, WeddingHappy and Wedding Planning Complete are comprehensive planning apps that help you with everything from guestlists to budgets, wedding dress selection to food choices.

Wedding email

Almost every wedding involves a vast email trail between you and your various suppliers and guests. Setting up an email account that is specific to your wedding will streamline all the information and keep spam from building up in your personal account following the big day.

Seating chart

While Harts can organise your wedding furniture hire in Melbourne, arranging the seating is up to you and can be one of the biggest headaches for a soon to be wed couple. Making a chart, using colour coding for his and her families, friends and work colleagues will save a lot of time and help keep your guests happy.

Think of the children

If there are kids on the guestlist, remember to cater for their appetites and entertainment needs. Some wedding themed colouring books are a great way to keep them entertained inside your wedding marquee in Melbourne.

Invites and RSVPs

You might literally have hundreds of wedding invites and RSVP cards to mail. A personalised wedding stamp is not only an elegant way to send out the information and reply details, it will also save you a lot of writing time. Remember to number the RSVP cards, so even if your guests send unreadable replies or miss a name, you will know who is who.

Sometime little things make a big difference and tips such as the ones above will help keep you prepared and everyone happy on the day. Harts is the specialist at wedding marquee hire in Melbourne, wedding furniture hire in Melbourne and much more, but you too can help ease the stress and add a few extra touches to make your day more memorable.

Marquee Wedding Melbourne

If you are recently engaged and have decided on a marquee wedding in Melbourne, you’ve chosen a beautiful and personal way to tie the knot. There are a few things that require some forethought and planning though, in order to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. Harts have been providing wedding marquee hire to Melbourne couples for over 25 years and have seen firsthand some incredible weddings that have benefitted from some preparation. Here are some suggestions to make the journey that much easier.


Planning furniture requirements is not simply a matter of dividing guests into multiples. Remember you will need to take into account tables for food service, the wedding cake, the DJ, gifts and potentially many more uses. Determining the number of chairs, tables and other furnishings you need before you organise your wedding marquee hire in Melbourne will give you better understanding of the dimensions you need for your marquee.


Remember to take your caterers into account. They will need a covered area to prepare food and drinks. Take into consideration the amount and style of food you will be serving and talk to your caterer to gauge how much space they may need. The team at Harts is more than happy to suggest dimensions that will work for this area.

Back of House

Similarly, when you arrange your wedding marquee hire in Melbourne, you may need to consider setting aside an area for audiovisual equipment, bands and other suppliers.


Your guests need to get from their transport to the marquee and vice versa. Some plastic and rubber flooring is an easy way to mark pathways, particularly in wet weather. Consider adding some lighting for extra convenience and a pleasing visual effect.


While we are on the subject of lighting, don’t underestimate its value in adding atmosphere and a personal touch to your wedding night. Harts also specialise in party lighting hire, allowing you to choose a style that best suits your theme, whether it be understated or festive.


Even very flat appearing land might not be as stable as you would hope. Adding some flooring will help keep furniture, equipment and floral arrangements upright. You may also want to add a dancefloor for you and your guests to enjoy.

Harts Premier Hire can assist with all of these aspects of your marquee wedding in Melbourne. Get in touch today to discuss how we can minimise the stress and maximise the magic on your special day.


If you’ve been charged with the organisation of a corporate event, you will (or very soon will) understand that there is great deal to consider and a lot of potential for complications. Fortunately Harts Premier Hire are dedicated to making the process as easy as possible and you will find almost all of what you need in our vast product listings.

Harts have established themselves as the specialists in Melbourne event hire and their expertise applies to corporate functions, both large and small. Here are a few tips that offer general guidance and will help you understand what you need in terms of event equipment hire in Melbourne.

Plan Ahead

You aren’t the only one planning an event and often the best venues and locations get snapped up quickly. Do some research and decide on this as early as possible. After this, you can make the necessary calls and organise a deposit. Harts suggest event marquee hire to broaden your location options, save time and minimise stress in this regard.


While Harts specialise in event hire in Melbourne that is both cheap and of high quality, a corporate event in its entirety can be an expensive exercise. Only set a comprehensive budget after you’ve done some planning, so that you include all the miscellaneous expenses that would otherwise be forgotten. It is still wise to leave some money aside for any last minute requirements. Harts can assist you with every aspect of event hire in Melbourne, from the absolute essentials to the miscellaneous items.

Know your guests

No two corporate events are the same so even if you have planned one before, find out what guests you are catering for this time. Your guests will help you determine everything from the mood of your event to the music, the furniture to the food. Consider whether the guests are clients or employees, what they are likely to expect from the day and what your company hopes to achieve. Once you have established the guest list let us know. Harts can assist with every aspect of your Melbourne event hire.


It’s all very well making meticulous plans for guests, but you also need them to show up on the day. Send out your invites roughly four to six weeks ahead. This gives your guests plenty of time to organise their schedule and respond, but not so much time that they forget. It’s a good idea to follow this up a few days prior to the event to confirm.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a framework from which to plan a great corporate event. For all things event hire in Melbourne, remember Harts Premier Hire have you covered and can make all that planning a lot easier.


Anyone who has spent any time in Melbourne will know that it is a festive city. The festival calendar is always full and includes a host of nationally and internationally acclaimed events. One of the aspects common and essential to all good festivals are the stages. Everyone at Harts Premier Hire also enjoys a great social occasion, and we take great pride in our festival stage hire in Melbourne.

Strength and safety are the most vital characteristics of any stage. Often festival-goers number in the thousands, so you can’t compromise on the quality of the materials or construction. All our stages are strong and durable and can accommodate a large number of people, in addition to any equipment you may need. They are also set up and taken down by our highly experienced and professional team. We’ve erected and dismantled hundreds of stages over our 25 years in the business, so you can feel assured that our workmanship and festival stage hire in Melbourne is second to none for strength and safety.

Size is also an important consideration and there are many variables that decide the dimensions of your stage. The shape and layout of the venue or area, what the stage will be used for, how many people and how much equipment needs to go on the stage are just some of the factors that will influence this decision. At Harts Premier Hire Melbourne, we understand that a huge range of heights, widths and lengths are required at different festivals and offer plenty of options in order to accommodate everyone. From a little 2.4m x 2.4m pedestal to a vast 9.6m x 14.4m platform and everything between, we have your festival stage hire in Melbourne covered.

We also have all the staging accessories to maximise the aesthetics and practicality of your space. We have skirting to match the height of our stages – from 30cm to 90cm, likewise with steps, and we also stock railing and car ramps for enhanced safety or access. Better yet, once you’ve organised your festival stage hire in Melbourne, Harts have also got all the furniture, flooring, lighting and audio equipment you could possibly want to place on top.

There’s never a bad time for a festival in this city, but if you want to make yours the best it can possibly be, get in touch with Harts Premier Hire and find out all that we have to offer those searching for festival hire in Melbourne.


Organising a large outdoor party may be new territory for many people and there is often a surprising amount of maths involved in the planning. Harts Premier Hire is the expert at cheap party hire in Melbourne and while we can arrange all your party marquee, furniture and equipment hire in Melbourne, there are some things that you still need to consider. Fortunately, we can also help you crunch a few of the numbers, making your party that little bit easier to organise and helping you and your arrangements to shine on the day.

3 glasses a person

You’d be amazed at where people leave empty glasses at parties. People drink while socialising or on the move and frequently leave their glassware behind. With this in mind, it is best to supply 3 glasses per guest. This way you’ll also keep ahead when it comes to refills.

15 degrees

Melbourne weather is notoriously fickle, so be prepared for a variety of weather options. Harts party tent hire in Melbourne will keep you safe from any rain, but you should also consider the temperature. Summer in Melbourne is great for outdoor parties and winter can be too, but if the mercury drops below about 15 degrees, your guest numbers might quickly follow. During the height of summer you might want to consider the use of fans and in the colder months, gas heaters can be a party saver. Harts stock these as part of our party equipment hire in Melbourne

Four hours for food

It is said that the way to a man’s (and woman’s) heart is through food so catering is an important part of any party. Some dishes may require refrigeration and some may require heating, so plan accordingly. For all other food, remember not to leave it out for too long. Bacteria starts forming at about the four hour mark. Our cheap party hire in Melbourne also includes a range of fridges, coolrooms and heating appliances, so your food will always be at its best.

90% acceptance of tea or coffee

It may seem a bit old fashioned, but people still love a cup of tea or coffee, particularly following a meal. Almost everyone will take up this offer and any designated drivers will be especially grateful. Harts also have you covered for tea and coffee, with percolators, pots, plungers and urns.

Once you have an idea of guest numbers and have done a few sums, you can leave the rest to Harts Party Hire. You’ll be in very safe hands and you can relax knowing you are getting the best cheap party hire in Melbourne.


The vows and the fun had on your wedding day may provide the most enduring memories, but there is a lot of organisation and planning required to facilitate all this enjoyment.  In our last blog we went over the essential aspects of an outdoor wedding. Now, Harts Premier Hire in Melbourne want to offer some further considerations that will add significantly to your and the guests’ enjoyment of your wedding day.



Assuming you’ve chosen a location and wedding marquee in Melbourne, you can now choose a theme. Start with a simple idea and expand on this. This may be as simple as a colour or a type of flower. From here, you can try incorporate your personalities as much as possible, so the theme resonates with your guests. You may want a rustic or romantic theme, one that is modern or traditional, extravagant or simple. Whatever your preference, Harts can assist. Our wedding furniture hire in Melbourne is comprehensive, as is our range of accessories, allowing us to accommodate all manner of themes.


Dance floor

A wedding is a celebration and one of the best ways to celebrate is through music and dance. Soft, uneven or inconsistent surfaces and heels, however, are not a great combination, so if you want your guests to dance the night away, you should consider including a dance floor in your wedding marquee hire in Melbourne. Harts has a range of flooring options that will allow your guests to show off their best moves. We also offer audio and party lighting hire.


One-stop shop

You may have a long list of equipment needs to accompany your wedding marquee in Melbourne and sourcing these from different companies can be expensive and confusing. By using only one supplier, it is much easier to ensure quality, consistency and convenience and you don’t have to worry about the set up or pack down. For this, however, you need to ensure your supplier has a comprehensive range of event equipment hire in Melbourne. Harts stock everything you could want on your big day. From audio-visual gear to cooking equipment, linen and cutlery to wedding arch hire in Melbourne, Harts do it all.

By choosing Harts to supply your wedding marquee in Melbourne and all the associated equipment, you can greatly reduce the stress of planning your wedding. Harts are dedicated to making your wedding dayas easy as possible, allowing you to shine and have the time of your life.