Most of us get married, so there are many almost universal elements to wedding ceremonies. The white dress, the wedding party, the cake… The list goes on. A wedding though, is also a deeply personal moment between two people and within the more universal wedding day traditions and customs it is great to incorporate something that is unique and memorable to your celebration. Harts Premier Hire in Melbourne is the expert at supplying every aspect of a wedding that is common, or reasonably so, but we can also offer a few ideas for that more personal touch. After many years providing wedding marquee hire in Melbourne and general party hire, we’ve seen and experienced everything a wedding has to offer. Here are a few examples that may provide some inspiration.

Unity symbols
The rings, spoken vows and unity candles at a marquee wedding in Melbourne all act as symbols for the union between two people, but there are many other ways of delivering the same message. Unity glasses of wine or beer, mutual tree planting and knot tying are all creative alternatives.

Animals in the wedding party
There aren’t many venues that are animal friendly, but a marquee wedding in Melbourne allows you to include some non-human guests. Animals are like family to many of us and getting them involved can be a lot of fun. You might want your four legged friends to deliver the wedding rings or accompany you down the aisle.

Weddings are synonymous with photography, but you might want to get a little creative for your marquee wedding in Melbourne. You could line a path to your marquee with string and attach all the photos showing important memories (and embarrassing moments), have polaroid photos taken for instant gratification, or provide a photo booth for extra hilarity (and even more embarrassment).

Traditionally, limos or classic cars provide transport to the wedding venue, followed by a walk down the aisle. There are other modes of transport available though. Why not ride a tandem bike to and from the celebration, take off in a boat (if you are near a body of water) or saddle up a horse for a rustic, rural feel.

Signature song
Couples often think or talk about their special song, but all too often it gets forgotten in wedding plans. If there is one time when it should be aired in public, it is during your marquee wedding in Melbourne.

Your wedding is your special day and adding a personal touch is a great way of expressing that. A great wedding should incorporate the old and the new, the traditional and the unique. After all, it is more important to have a memorable marquee wedding in Melbourne than one that is shackled by convention.