When hosting a corporate event, it is vital that you show your organisation in its best light. Depending on your industry, this may require a professional, formal setting, a relaxed, easy-going environment or something in between. Getting all of the many variables just right before the day can be extremely difficult in traditional venues, but event marquee hire offers flexibility that can’t be found elsewhere. Harts Premier Hire is the Melbourne event hire specialist and can provide a marquee space that will transform your corporate event. The flexibility is apparent in:

If you’re considering tent hire in Melbourne for your event, you should think of a marquee as a blank space from which you can create the exact atmosphere you want. Both our pagoda style and clearspan marquees are elegant in and of themselves and some organisations enjoy this minimal sophistication without the addition of too many features. For others, event marquee hire offers them the chance to let their creativity run wild. The flexibility of a large, temporary space allows party planners to create a theme, unleash their design ideas or add personal and memorable touches to the d├ęcor. Whatever the style you are aiming for, event marquee hire gives you the freedom to showcase your organisation.

Few venues can offer variety in the size of their function space, let alone the huge range possible when you opt for event marquee hire. Harts marquees are assembled in attachable units, allowing you to choose a size and layout that perfectly suits the style of your event and the number of guests being invited. You might opt for a huge clearspan marquee to hold hundreds or multiple smaller tents to create a variety of atmospheres. Whether you want to host a small, intimate group or an entire corporation, Harts Melbourne event hire can advise you on how large your event marquee should be in order to comfortably accommodate your guests

Food & Drink
With event marquee hire, the world is your oyster (literally if you want) when it comes to food and beverages. Permanent venues generally have limited and expensive in-house or catered options, but a marquee allows you to customise your menu and save money. You might want a relaxed BBQ, a generous buffet or a formal sit-down menu and only a marquee environment gives you the freedom to select from these options, or any other you may have in mind.

These are just some of the ways your corporate event can benefit from Harts event marquee hire in Melbourne. The flexibility a marquee affords you is incomparable to other venue options and ensures your guests have a great time and you present the corporate image you want. Get in touch with Harts today to discuss your marquee options.