Organising a large outdoor party may be new territory for many people and there is often a surprising amount of maths involved in the planning. Harts Premier Hire is the expert at cheap party hire in Melbourne and while we can arrange all your party marquee, furniture and equipment hire in Melbourne, there are some things that you still need to consider. Fortunately, we can also help you crunch a few of the numbers, making your party that little bit easier to organise and helping you and your arrangements to shine on the day.

3 glasses a person

You’d be amazed at where people leave empty glasses at parties. People drink while socialising or on the move and frequently leave their glassware behind. With this in mind, it is best to supply 3 glasses per guest. This way you’ll also keep ahead when it comes to refills.

15 degrees

Melbourne weather is notoriously fickle, so be prepared for a variety of weather options. Harts party tent hire in Melbourne will keep you safe from any rain, but you should also consider the temperature. Summer in Melbourne is great for outdoor parties and winter can be too, but if the mercury drops below about 15 degrees, your guest numbers might quickly follow. During the height of summer you might want to consider the use of fans and in the colder months, gas heaters can be a party saver. Harts stock these as part of our party equipment hire in Melbourne

Four hours for food

It is said that the way to a man’s (and woman’s) heart is through food so catering is an important part of any party. Some dishes may require refrigeration and some may require heating, so plan accordingly. For all other food, remember not to leave it out for too long. Bacteria starts forming at about the four hour mark. Our cheap party hire in Melbourne also includes a range of fridges, coolrooms and heating appliances, so your food will always be at its best.

90% acceptance of tea or coffee

It may seem a bit old fashioned, but people still love a cup of tea or coffee, particularly following a meal. Almost everyone will take up this offer and any designated drivers will be especially grateful. Harts also have you covered for tea and coffee, with percolators, pots, plungers and urns.

Once you have an idea of guest numbers and have done a few sums, you can leave the rest to Harts Party Hire. You’ll be in very safe hands and you can relax knowing you are getting the best cheap party hire in Melbourne.