Festivals are a great way for a community to get together and socialise, showcase skills and talents or raise money for a good cause. They also take considerable organisation and at Harts event hire in Melbourne, we understand that a little help can go a long way. Whatever the type of festival you are organising, a detailed plan will minimise the risks of anything going wrong on the day. We’ve put a list together of planning aspects that should be on your own list.

Budget & Funding
Consider the size and scale of your festival and compile a detailed budget. If you know roughly how much it will cost, you can begin finding funding more easily.

Entertainment & Speakers
Entertainment is integral to any festival. Think about who your likely demographic is and organise speakers or performers accordingly. Harts are the specialists at festival stage hire in Melbourne, so you can always be sure of this aspect.

The more help you have during the festival the better, so try to find as many willing helpers as possible. Remember to write a roster for your staff and brief them on their individual duties and responsibilities.

In addition to general staff, you will likely need specialist security staff to protect festival-goers and expensive equipment.

Technical Equipment
Speaking of equipment, every festival requires specialist technology of some sort. Music festivals, in particular, require high quality audiovisual gear to keep guests happy. Harts are also renowned for our function equipment hire in Melbourne and can advise you on what will best suit your needs.

Food & Drink
Some festivals are based entirely on food, but most others will likely provide some food and beverage options. You might want stalls, mobile vendors or a huge BBQ. Whatever you decide is best, the Harts festival hire in Melbourne range includes a vast array of appliances and equipment to keep your guests gastronomically satisfied.

In all likelihood, you will need council permits for your event. After many years providing festival hire in Melbourne, Harts have secured thousands of permits and can advise and help you obtain yours.

Transport & Parking
The ease with which people can get to and from your event should be an important consideration. Take into account any potential traffic issues, research public transport and organise alternative transport options and parking spaces.

Don’t forget amenities! A shortage of toilets is never a good look. One toilet for every 60 or so attendees is a good guide for how many you might need for your event.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but if you develop your plans around these integral components you will be well on your way to organising a great festival. Harts Premier Hire can help with a lot of the things listed above and many more, so get in touch with the experts at festival hire in Melbourne today.