These days, a lot of couples are choosing to celebrate tying the knot at personalised, DIY receptions. There are two sides to the DIY coin though and it is a good idea to go over the pros and cons for each aspect of your marquee wedding in Melbourne. Harts Premier Hire will explore a few of the more important aspects to consider.

DIY food

Most families or friendship groups of the bride and groom will have at least one great cook amongst their ranks. Chances are they would be delighted to prepare some of their finest dishes for your special day. The difficulty level, however, rises as the guest list does. A small intimate wedding of 30 – 50 guests might be within the realm of a DIY chef, but a guestlist of 200 plus might be pushing it. BBQs or potluck options can work as DIY options for large groups, but remember your food should be in keeping with whatever theme you have chosen for your marquee wedding in Melbourne.

DIY music

Some people are extremely picky when it comes to music and others are fairly non-plussed and this will likely influence your music choice on the day. Couples who have very particular tastes might want to create their own playlist for the reception / dancefloor. This option also allows you to change your tunes depending on the atmosphere. On the other hand, requests might get out of hand and DIY music requires someone to pay close attention to the sound system and the playlists. Whichever you opt for, Harts Premier Hire Melbourne has a range of audiovisual equipment and party lights for hire to keep you and your guests dancing into the night.

DIY flowers

Flowers are beautiful in and of themselves, so it is not essential to hire a professional. Wire, streamers, twine, creative vase choices and a few blooms can go a long way to creating a stunning environment for your wedding marquee in Melbourne. Some blooms however, require delicate handling and bouquets might require the eye of a florist to get right. DIY might be feasible for less intricate arrangements, but not so for your centerpiece, so think carefully about how prominent you want your flowers to be before deciding to DIY or not.

The beauty of a marquee wedding in Melbourne is that it leaves your options wide open. You can embrace the DIY option and let your creativity run wild, or you can save yourself from any potential stress and leave it to specialists. Either way, Harts Premier Hire is here to help take care of your wedding or function equipment hire in Melbourne.