If you’ve been charged with the organisation of a corporate event, you will (or very soon will) understand that there is great deal to consider and a lot of potential for complications. Fortunately Harts Premier Hire are dedicated to making the process as easy as possible and you will find almost all of what you need in our vast product listings.

Harts have established themselves as the specialists in Melbourne event hire and their expertise applies to corporate functions, both large and small. Here are a few tips that offer general guidance and will help you understand what you need in terms of event equipment hire in Melbourne.

Plan Ahead

You aren’t the only one planning an event and often the best venues and locations get snapped up quickly. Do some research and decide on this as early as possible. After this, you can make the necessary calls and organise a deposit. Harts suggest event marquee hire to broaden your location options, save time and minimise stress in this regard.


While Harts specialise in event hire in Melbourne that is both cheap and of high quality, a corporate event in its entirety can be an expensive exercise. Only set a comprehensive budget after you’ve done some planning, so that you include all the miscellaneous expenses that would otherwise be forgotten. It is still wise to leave some money aside for any last minute requirements. Harts can assist you with every aspect of event hire in Melbourne, from the absolute essentials to the miscellaneous items.

Know your guests

No two corporate events are the same so even if you have planned one before, find out what guests you are catering for this time. Your guests will help you determine everything from the mood of your event to the music, the furniture to the food. Consider whether the guests are clients or employees, what they are likely to expect from the day and what your company hopes to achieve. Once you have established the guest list let us know. Harts can assist with every aspect of your Melbourne event hire.


It’s all very well making meticulous plans for guests, but you also need them to show up on the day. Send out your invites roughly four to six weeks ahead. This gives your guests plenty of time to organise their schedule and respond, but not so much time that they forget. It’s a good idea to follow this up a few days prior to the event to confirm.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a framework from which to plan a great corporate event. For all things event hire in Melbourne, remember Harts Premier Hire have you covered and can make all that planning a lot easier.