Anyone who has spent any time in Melbourne will know that it is a festive city. The festival calendar is always full and includes a host of nationally and internationally acclaimed events. One of the aspects common and essential to all good festivals are the stages. Everyone at Harts Premier Hire also enjoys a great social occasion, and we take great pride in our festival stage hire in Melbourne.

Strength and safety are the most vital characteristics of any stage. Often festival-goers number in the thousands, so you can’t compromise on the quality of the materials or construction. All our stages are strong and durable and can accommodate a large number of people, in addition to any equipment you may need. They are also set up and taken down by our highly experienced and professional team. We’ve erected and dismantled hundreds of stages over our 25 years in the business, so you can feel assured that our workmanship and festival stage hire in Melbourne is second to none for strength and safety.

Size is also an important consideration and there are many variables that decide the dimensions of your stage. The shape and layout of the venue or area, what the stage will be used for, how many people and how much equipment needs to go on the stage are just some of the factors that will influence this decision. At Harts Premier Hire Melbourne, we understand that a huge range of heights, widths and lengths are required at different festivals and offer plenty of options in order to accommodate everyone. From a little 2.4m x 2.4m pedestal to a vast 9.6m x 14.4m platform and everything between, we have your festival stage hire in Melbourne covered.

We also have all the staging accessories to maximise the aesthetics and practicality of your space. We have skirting to match the height of our stages – from 30cm to 90cm, likewise with steps, and we also stock railing and car ramps for enhanced safety or access. Better yet, once you’ve organised your festival stage hire in Melbourne, Harts have also got all the furniture, flooring, lighting and audio equipment you could possibly want to place on top.

There’s never a bad time for a festival in this city, but if you want to make yours the best it can possibly be, get in touch with Harts Premier Hire and find out all that we have to offer those searching for festival hire in Melbourne.