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Party hire with wildlife for your next kids birthday party event.
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Reptile Party Melbourne

Definitely the best reptile party hire in Melbourne, Australia.

We do reptile party hire for major events, festivals and expos.
We will even do a live reptile and wildlife show for your kids next birthday party.
After more than 35 years in the party hire and entertainment businesses, we know what children and adults want.
We are specialists in educational reptile displays that let everyone hold animals and learn as much as they can.
All while havng the most exciting time of all.
In a completely risk-free environment we give everyone an unmatched experience that they'll never forget.
Our Kids reptile party shows are affordable for most families and we pride ourselves in making sure every child at these events feels that they are special.
It is common for kids to say they have had the best day of their life.
Unlike others, we do not charge extra to bring real live Crocodiles and we do not simpose any limit on how many kids you can invite.
Besides doing reptile parties for kids, we do adult reptile shows, corporate team building and a whole lot more with reptiles and adults.
Then of course we also do most of the big events and festivals across Melbourne and nearby parts of Victoria, Australia
For agricultural shows, street festivals run by councils and pet expos and the like, you will see our wildlife displays and people having fun.
Of course handling reptiles and other wild animals is a great way to learn about them.
A benefit is greater awareness of our planetary cohabitants and the need to conserve all the species that live here.
It is true to say that wildlife conservation starts at a wildlife display and we are proud of our wildlife conservation and education track record.
1/ We are a hands on reptile show, where all people can hold the animals
2/ We bring a lot more reptiles to your venue than unsafe imitators.
3/ We are alone with the expertise to have government certified surgically devenomized deadly snakes to ensure safety for all and the welfare of the reptiles.
4/ Get it right the first time and get the premier party hire brand in Australia for reptile parties.

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